Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Profiteering in the Healthcare industry has reached biblical proportions.
Doctors and Nurses are increasingly being forced to work longer hours of continuous duty caring for greater numbers of sicker patients with fewer staff and zero backup or relief. Exhausted Medical staff are used as the convenient scapegoat when mistakes are made, while in fact it is the deliberate negligent under-staffing of Healthcare facilities that has led to dangerous care.

At a time when we face the possibility of terrorism, sabotage or a global pandemic the US Healthcare system is being disabled and dismantled to drain every last dollar of profit for greedy Corporate giants. Meanwhile to accomplish this goal the Healthcare industry is busy perpetrating a whole slew of deliberately deceptive PR lies to trick vulnerable Medical staff into remaining silent while the general public is defrauded out of safe access to Medical care; see my definitions in italics below.

These Repugnant Healthcare Euphemisms will Prove as Deadly as US “Peacekeepers!”

1. “Managed Care” definition: Too much Management providing far too little and increasingly more dangerous Care.

2. “Patient Safety Initiatives” definition: Impressive PR Campaigns that can help to obscure negligence practices.

3. “Risk Management” definition: Department dedicated to reducing the Risk to Management from outspoken Patient Advocates.

4. “Compliance Hot Line” definition: Early warning system to alert or assist Management in the prompt removal of outspoken Patient Advocates plus fool Government Accreditation Agencies and Patient Advocacy Groups with fake internal policing..

5. “Patient Centered Care” definition: Patients now forced to “Center” on their own Care due to chronic abandonment caused by the dangerous policies of deliberate negligent under-staffing.

6. “Patient Abandonment” definition: The threat of legal sanctions used to force Nurses to work unsafe hours without a break in order to support deliberate negligent under-staffing policies.

7. “ Medical Error” definition: Mistake made by overworked, overstressed, exhausted and habitually abused Medical staff

8. “Nursing Shortage” definition: Healthcare Corporation's deliberately engineered “NURSING EXODUS” resulting from the creation of a toxic work environment of torturous schedule demands, exhausting hours of overwork, with no breaks and numerous unsafe compromises in Patient Care driven by profiteering cut-backs and used to falsely justify further dangerous under-staffing.

9. “Downsizing” definition: Forcing the people delivering direct Patient Care to endure unworkable staff cut-backs to support bloated Management and Corporate greed.

10. “Trim the Fat” definition: Removal of basic benefits while increasing unrealistic schedule demands for regular Healthcare workers, an incentive to force all of the more highly paid experienced staff out of Nursing stimulating a "NURSING EXODUS," to increase the glut of money available as a reward bonus for abusive Managers and Corporate profiteers.

11. “Mandatory Overtime” definition: A State sanctioned dangerous work overload forcing exhausted staff to risk charges of abandonment or compromise Patient Care by working intolerably long hours as a regular staffing coverage policy.

12. “Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit” definition: Drug Company extortion campaign endorsed and implemented by the Government to forcibly drive Medicare into Bankruptcy.

13. “Tort Reform” definition: Adjustments to make the deadly human cost of all of the above unethical compromises less financially devastating with zero accountability for facilities whose greedy profiteering results in ongoing negligent and increasingly dangerous Patient Care.

Unlucky 13 for Consumers receiving Unsafe Medical Care; Money making Bonanza for Corporate Healthcare Profiteers. Medical Professionals and the general public must demand an immediate end to this lunacy; we also really need Media help.
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